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Serene Bridal

Sizes 2-28

A late sister to Madi Lane Bridal and Evie Young Bridal, Serene Bridal is one of the newest lines from the same wonderful masterminds. Inspired by the celebration of you and a passion for modern romance, Serene Bridal gowns are for the bride with a softer side, basking in the light of what their future holds. She embodies a respect for wistfulness and tradition, but also takes a fashion-forward approach to choosing that perfect wedding dress. Vibrant and exuberant, with a newfound dash of excitement, our bride is in tune with her femininity, and has an independent vision of wearing a dress that comfortably reflects her authentic self during such an important moment of her life. These gowns are presented between $1.4k-$2.6k.

Nariah SR2315 B1.jpg
Nariah SR2315 F.jpg
Nariah SR2315 B2.jpg
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