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Evie Young

Sizes 2-28

With a collective experience of decades in the bridal industry and led by creative director + designer, Liz Young, they share the success with their sister brand, Madi Lane Bridal, that speaks to the more traditional bride’s soul. With one established label in the market, and for the bolder and more daring of brides, Evie Young was born. Evie Young's designs are for the bride that stands boldly in individuality and who confidently lives as she is – a masterpiece of her own making. She is all about writing her own rules, walking her own runway, being her own statement. She is the star of her own show and the author of her many adventures. These gowns range between $2k-$2.9k. 

Madi Lane - Rowen - Lagniappe Bridal 7.png
Madi Lane - Rowen - Lagniappe Bridal .png
Madi Lane - Rowen - Lagniappe Bridal 9.png
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