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Madi Lane Bridal

Sizes 2-28

Madi Lane Bridal is an Australian based bridal line with soft touches of timelessness. Madi Lane Bridal is the brainchild of modern romantic, Elizabeth Young; a mother, a sister, a mentor. A woman with more than 20 years experience in bridal retailing, designing and manufacturing supported by a team of female creatives, each of whom bring something exceptional to their shared mission: to deliver beautiful, unique and affordable Australian gowns with flair to the women of the world.

The variety of these gowns seem endless and will be presented between $1.8k-$2.7k. We are excited to host Madi Lane in our store and can't wait for you to meet her sister lines, Evie Young and Serene Bridal.

JAYA ML22688_3.jpg
JAYA ML22688_16 (1).jpg
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