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Liz Lúo Bridal

Sizes 0-28

Liz Lúo Bridal comes from the collaboration of two creative minds, Liz Lúo and Emillio O. Vega. Liz Lúo Bridal is a fairly new designer, but we have been thoroughly impressed with their designs and the quality. This designer is for those who seek freedom, adventure and self-expression in their wedding gown, going against the grain on traditional bridal looks. These gowns will be presented between $1k-$2.5k. 
“I’ve always considered fashion to be a great canvas for artistic expression, a great way to bring beauty and romance from a woman’s point of view. I want my designs to celebrate individuality, romanticism and timeless elegance.” - Liz Lúo

E1000 F1.png
E1000 F2.png
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